Thursday, May 31, 2012

Speed, Read, Need

I did finally get satellite internet installed here and canceled the NetZero dial-up I’ve used for years. It’s nice to have speed and reliability (well, reliable so far...we’ll see what happen in inclement weather). Getting things accomplished that I simply couldn’t before, especially long-needed program updates.

I can check my ‘necessary’ accounts way quicker, so I can now waste time elsewhere on line! That is, as long as I don’t go overboard and exceed my data limits. It is nice to actually be able to watch a video now, all at once. I’m getting the sites and stores and stuff into shape at this point. Well, that’s a never-ending process, actually.

The dish couldn’t be installed until my monster oak tree came down. Big expense there but it needed to be done. I’ll post some pictures eventually but right now they are in my 35mm camera so we’ll have to wait as in days of old.

* * *

I pulled an old copy of ‘Cross Creek’ – which I had never before read – off the shelf and started in. After all, every Floridian should know that book, right? So far, an interesting read but a difficult read.

The printed lines of text are too long, too closely leaded, to effortlessly move from the end of one to the start of the next. A lesson in book design, there. Probably the publisher was trying to save on paper costs but that shouldn’t come at the expense of readability.

However, the copy I’m reading was printed in 1942 so I’m assuming war-time economies had something to do with it!

* * *

The Florida Folk Festival was this past weekend and, as expected, I could not manage to attend. My niece, Mean Mary James, was there performing, along with her brother Frank. Good to see him back out playing again.

The tropical storm (earlier than normal... everything is a couple weeks early this year, it seems) did bring rain by Sunday and sent folks home early. We didn’t get any real precipitation from it over here in the Panhandle, just a couple small storm cells from an outer band on Monday evening. Rain is still needed!

But then, it usually is at this time of year. I see afternoon storms are starting to form down at the coast which is a good sign. In the mean time, I spend an hour or so watering every afternoon, half the place one day, half the next.

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