Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stuff Up in Space

Having reread ‘A Princess of Mars’ a little while ago, I got the urge to revisit all the Burrough’s Barsoom books. Alas, although I had them all at one point – from my teens, actually – they were among the volumes I lost in the ‘Storm of the Century’ flood in ‘93.

So, seeing the entire oeuvre being remaindered in the Edward R Hamilton catalog, I ordered it: three thick paperbacks put out by Disney to accompany the ‘John Carter’ movie.

It is unlikely I shall write reviews of them. They are, as I remember, all entertaining (though some more than others, naturally) but a review of one pretty much covers the entire series.

* * *

In other news about spending money, I have someone coming, at last, to take down the giant oak. It had to be done, even if it goes over a couple thousand to remove it. If nothing else, it should improve my television reception!

I’ll try to take some pics during the felling.

It will also give me a new large area to plant stuff. Pear trees, probably, maybe figs. It could be a good spot for a veggie garden too.

The other trees, I can ring and/or take down myself. That’s among my many projects for this year.

* * *

And yet more: I’ve finally given up on trying to deal with my execrable dial-up connection and ordered satellite internet. Pricey compared to DSL but I can’t wait forever for AT&T to make that available. It’s considerably faster than DSL as well, which is pretty much what finally decided me.

Yes, the upload is not nearly as fast as the download (but still pretty good), yes, there is a data limit (which I am highly unlikely to exceed), yes, it can be iffy in stormy weather. It’s still better than what I’m putting up with now. I am trying to do business (of a sort) online, after all, so I can justify it as a necessary expense.

So, goodbye to NetZero. And, perhaps, goodbye to a land line altogether in a while. I can’t do the internet phone thing very well over satellite but I could get by with less cost by just getting the cheapest prepaid cell available. I call almost no one, anyway.

If I ever begin to travel again, someday, the cell phone would be useful. Not necessary – after all, I’ve gotten by my whole life without one – but useful. We’ll see about that.

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