Sunday, May 20, 2012

W-W-C-P-D, a song lyric


When writing a song,
It’s so easy to go wrong
Trying to say something new.
Getting every rhyme
To work in perfect time,
And still to say something true!
Oh, I do endeavor
To keep it all quite clever,
Through and thoroughly through.
It’s a bewildering task
And therefor I ask:
What Would Cole Porter Do?

chorus 1:
W – W – C – P – D?
That’s what the question ought to be!
I’ll accept, without apology,
Any suggestion, so feel free!
Shall I make a list of exotic places,
exotic names, exotic faces?
Put all my words through their paces,
Let ’em play games, let ‘em run races?

chorus 2:
W – W – C – P – D?
If Porter could do it, why not me?
Do I lack some necessity
To do it, too, in a major key?
I know there are songs deep in my soul
Could it be that hard to write ‘em like Cole?
Maybe there’s a school where I could enroll,
Brush up on the bard, pay my toll.

I’ve written a few,
Both happy and blue,
But what would Cole Porter do?
I need his view,
Slightly askew,
What would Cole Porter do?
Give me a clue,
Give me a cue!
What would Cole Porter do?
What would Cole do?
I wish I knew;
What would Cole Porter do?

(the band does its thing here)

chorus 3:
W – W – C – P – D?
He knew how, you will agree,
and did it all quite stylishly;
I ask you now, is it just me?
If I keep working night and day,
Be absurd, take time to pray,
And turn that work into play
I’ll find the right word, find the right way!

repeat bridge and outro over last line

Stephen Brooke ©2012

This is, of course, essentially an exercise (and a little bit of tribute to my very favoritest songwriter). They just happened to show ‘De-Lovely’ on television a couple days ago which got me to messing around. Pretty good movie, by the way or at least a whole lot better than your average biopic.

It is in the ‘classic’ style of songwriting from the Twenties through the Forties, introductory ‘verse’ followed by choruses and bridge. Tune? Oh, there’s one in my head. I may take time to write it down but it’s kind of pointless, no? It’s not like this would ever be played anywhere. So, as I said, an exercise and, very admittedly, not particularly good nor clever. So don’t be surprised if a few of the better phrases end up in something else eventually.

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