Monday, July 09, 2012


I'm not one to make impulse buys. I make lists of items I might want or need eventually and then watch for deals and sales. So it has been with the e-reader.

It is not something I particularly need, as I'm not traveling any at this point nor even going far from home. Last month I went the full fifteen miles to shop in Chipley (I needed to do some banking and to buy pavers for my garden); that's the first time I had traveled that far this year. And I can read e-books right here on my computer, after all.

But it was on the list. Then I saw a 7" Augen reader, open box special, for $35 so...what the heck, I'll get it! I did and it's okay and I will read on it occasionally. If I ever get out-and-about, it would be nice to have. I could even carry my songs (that is, lead sheets for the ones I might perform) on it, though I reckon it would be difficult to play from that little screen and scrolling would be awkward.

There were 150 free e-pub (the format I would prefer) books loaded, taken straight from Project Gutenberg, where I occasionally download a text. I suppose I'll plow through some of them, delete some of them, add new ones, etc. as time and interest permit. I've started in on Arthur Conan Doyle's first Sherlock Holmes novelette, 'A Study in Scarlet.'

Is this the first step to a 'smart phone' or a tablet computer? Unlikely. I'm not into small for small's sake, nor into using a phone for anything other than making calls. Incidentally, now that I have satellite internet I will probably get my very first cell phone and have the land line cancelled. Just the cheapest pre-paid unit I can find, as I rarely call anyone anyway!

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