Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday’s mention of Mr Ryan shows how useful it is to toss out a name or keyword of that sort every now and again to attract viewers. Big jump in visits! That, of course, is a cheap trick and I generally don’t comment much on current affairs, preferring to be more general in my expressed opinions.

As well as more poetic (for want of a better word). I am not one to be very wordy, most of the time, and try to go with a pithier turn of phrase. I do realize that not all readers will get what I’m saying when I express myself in that manner but, to be honest, I don’t much care. I’m not here to debate. I am, first and foremost, for better or worse, and sundry other cliches, an artist.

Speaking of which, I’ve got my art studio pretty much into order and hope to get some work done in there. At last!

That work will probably be on illustrations for the moment. I do need to get the drawings done for the next children’s book. Eventually, I hope to return to painting. I’ve been sorting through the tubes of acrylics (I don’t use oils and only rarely mess with watercolor) and throwing out the ones that have gone solid on me – about a quarter of them. I’ll order some new paint soon; my favorite brand is Golden heavy body but any will do.

Could go for some canvases too, while I’m at it. Good cheap nubby cotton is fine with me; I like a lot of tooth. If I had the time to fool with it, I would glue up my own panels with canvas and hardboard as I prefer its less springy surface and durability over stretched canvas. That’s not a big deal, though.

So, what shall I paint? It’s been so long I’m not sure where to begin!

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