Friday, September 07, 2012

Back to the Book

Okay, so my fairly short hiatus from FaceBook is over and I reactivated the account. I do not expect to interact much (if any) for a while. I had enough of pretending I had a life before.

I also deleted all three of my pages.

But pages are the main reason I decided to keep a presence there. I will eventually do another one for myself, when there seems a need. I realized that it was ridiculous to have one page as musician, one as writer, and yet another as artist. It’s all me, after all, and for right now my profile should be enough.

However, I do intend to start up a page for the Arachis Press shortly. Maybe even pages for the individual books – it is a good thing to be able to let people ‘like’ them. Unless, of course, they don’t...  

Now aren't you happy I post these little updates on the important events in my life?

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