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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Old Man Steve

My grandniece, Tiffany, gave birth to a little boy last night, making me a great-granduncle. And also making me feel awfully darn old!

This makes my mom a great-great-grandmother at a couple weeks shy of turning 94. I don't think the news made much of an impression on her. She continues her relatively slow slide further into dementia (relative to the rather rapid onslaught of Alzheimer's for some). It gets a little harder to get  her to eat rather than stare at or play with her food. It gets a little harder to get her to stand (with assistance, of course) or try to use her walker. She becomes a little less likely to roll her wheelchair around rather than staying in one spot.

Yet she remains surprisingly healthy, physically. I truly did not expect Mom to still be with us at this point. Indeed, in some respects she seems healthier than a couple years ago. I do recognize that this could change quite literally overnight, that I could wake up some morning and she could be 'gone.' (Not necessarily deceased, though that is always a possibility.)

Well, her birthday is on October 11 and she will be, as mentioned, 94. How many more? Only the Lord knows (and He never tells).

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pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

She gets excellent care which keeps her healthy.