Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sleep, a poem


What is that distant moan I hear,
In the darkness deep?
It seems the voice of nameless fear,
Crying on and on.
It's but the sighing of the wind;
Sleep, my dearest, sleep.
A song for every man who's sinned;
Sleep until the dawn.

Whose voices call across the moor;
Do they wail and weep
In torment no heart should endure,
Empty and forlorn?
It's surely but the hunting owl;
Sleep, my dearest, sleep.
The gray wolf’s distant hungry howl;
Sleep until the morn.

What shadowed forms do I behold
From the marshes creep?
Misshapen phantoms, ghastly, cold,
Grasp the very night.
It is naught but the mists that rise;
Sleep, my dearest, sleep.
The moon plays tricks upon your eyes;
Sleep till morning light.

Whose eyes are these that hold my own,
Where such fires leap?
Ensorcelled, I lose all I’ve known,
Dancing with despair.
Your image, mirrored, monstrous seems;
Sleep, my dearest, sleep.
‘Tis only twisted by dark dreams;
Sleep, forgetting care.

What bell is this that endless tolls?
As the night winds weep,
I hear some choir of lost souls
Singing over me.
It is your fragile beating heart;
Sleep, my dearest, sleep.
And I who mourn my destined part;
Sleep, now, peacefully.

Whose words are these, who murmurs low,
Prays my soul to keep?
This sanguine lust seems all I know,
Endless, naught before.
It’s I who grieves, yet brings you rest;
Sleep, my dearest, sleep.
And drives the stake into your breast;
Sleep forever more.

Sleep till a dawn that can not be;
Sleep eternally.

Stephen Brooke ©2012

Yes, a vampire poem. Not my normal sort of product, not being very much into the Gothic horror thing. I thought I would explore this idea, however, the woman awaking (so to speak) to her vampish-ness and her lover staking her before it takes hold. 

I actually had the first three stanzas more-or-less done before I was aware of just what the poem was about. Admittedly, I originally was going to have the roles reversed and the male character as predator, but realized this was a more interesting (to me) way to go. This is, of course, still a working draft and might well be changed somewhat.

Pretty much strictly metrical here -- that's not necessarily my normal thing either. Incidentally, all the even-numbered lines should be indented a bit but Blogger always seems to delete the spaces!

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