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Friday, October 19, 2012

Comings and Goings

If anyone out there caught ‘Mean Mary’ James’s appearance on the WMNF ‘Morning Show’ this morning (Oct 19 – you can listen to a recording of the show on their website), she mentioned that there will be two new albums coming out, one of her Mean Mary folk/old time style of music and one more folk-rockish, under the name ‘Mary James Band.’

Which I consider a good thing. Though I like Mary’s newer, more Americana, more banjo-oriented recordings – and recognize they are a good move in terms of marketing herself – I really preferred the alternative folk-rock sound on the earlier albums, such as ‘The Beauty and Mystery of Life (still available at her site).’

And I’m glad she’s not limiting herself. It’s great to be recognized as a banjo virtuoso but there is only so much audience for it.

* * *

A few of my readers may have noticed that I left Face Book again – not that anyone much followed me or my pages there. It will be permanent this time — I’ve made enough trials with and without FB to decide that.

I’ve undergone a general housecleaning. My Word Press blog, ‘Ranger Reviews,’ is gone. So is my Twitter account. All the pages I had at My Space have also been swept away. They served no purpose.

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