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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bad Dreams

I did not watch the election returns last night. Whoever won would still have won in the morning so I didn't see much point. Besides, 'Escape From New York' was on the THIS channel.

But during the night I had a dream (nightmare?) that, when I turned on my computer this morning, the headline at the the Huffington Post (the first news site I check over morning coffee) blared: Obama Blows It!  Fortunately, it was not a prophetic dream.

I always assumed Obama would win reelection. All the odds were in his favor from the start. I'm something of a lukewarm supporter of his moderate 'New Democrat' ways (the idea that he is a socialist or even particularly  liberal is a joke) but, as I've previously said, he was quite the lesser of evils. And I do recognize that he represents the mainstream of politics, both in America and the world.

However, I was disappointed by the third (and fourth and fifth) party showings. I suppose with the electorate as polarized as it was this year that it was inevitable that the big two would get most of the vote. 2016 may be quite another matter, with no incumbent in the race.

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