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Thursday, November 22, 2012

By Year's End

Today, I set up my tripod and photographed all my mother’s larger pieces of artwork that were available. The smaller pictures had already been scanned, so I’ll soon be able to start assembling the retrospective book I’ve been planning. Here’s hoping the photographs came out properly — I must wait some time while the film is developed.

I don’t know if I’ll get the book out before year’s end (or ‘Awful Alvin’ either — I haven’t really had time to finish the illustrations) but it will be published. Then on to other book projects.

And other non-book projects. I do intend to record one or two songs for the Will McLean festival this year. A little over a month to get that accomplished! I think my niece and sister may attempt to enter the competition this year too. But they’re even more pressed for time than me.

Incidentally, Mary is not performing at the Florida Folk Festival this year. She’ll be doing an event in Ohio on the Memorial Day weekend.

If I get a couple songs ready, I will post them online too. The rules this year call for only one voice and one instrument. No fancy production allowed. That sounds like it would be easier but the truth is that I’m better at creating stuff via virtual instruments and multi-tracking than by live recording. I guess we’ll see...or hear, actually.

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