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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Contest Songs

I think I have decent enough takes on three different compositions for the upcoming ‘Florida songs’ competition. Did some simple editing today, put them on CDs, and off to the WillFest contest with them before the end of the year. Expecting them to be ignored, as usual, but I figured it was now or never for them, as they are going to be on the album I’ve been promising for so long.

Not in this form, of course. The rules call for simple voice-and-one-instrument recordings without effects (I don’t count a little compression or equalization but there’s no reverb or anything of that sort) and the songs would be fully produced for the CD. Which is actually easier for me than trying to get a perfect-in-one-take version while strumming my guitar.

I’ve put the recordings — Swimmin’ in the Swanee, The Storm of the Century, and Sunshine Land — up as mediocre mp3s at . They are mono, by the way, a single microphone (an MXL V67G, a nice and quite inexpensive unit in the U67/U87 vein) set at arm’s length (about 30” away) and around forehead height. I always thought this mike sounded a bit harsh — and definitely sibilant — at a more typical close position, like 8” or so, but I rather like it at this distance. Live and learn.

Now, back to getting those books ready and maybe get into serious recording in a couple months.

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