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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Endless Summer

Today is, I understand, ‘officially’ the first day of Summer in Australia. So I reckon it must be the first day of Winter here?

There is, of course, no official beginning for seasons in the USA. Nor should there be. What does the government have to do with it?

I like the idea of starting the season with December First. The solstice is most certainly too late and, when one thinks about it, is really more like the middle of Winter. Yes, I’ve diatribed about this before. And if diatribed isn’t a word (according to my spell checker), it should be.

Maybe I need to do an ‘endless summer’ thing eventually. I can’t make it to Australia right now, though! Nor anyplace else with a promise of warmer weather (not that it’s that bad here at the moment). I would like to get to Hawaii some day — I understand it’s a good place to ‘get leid.’

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