Saturday, December 15, 2012

On Books and Banjos

Thanks to a friend’s comments on my YA novel, ‘The Middle of Nowhere,’ that was published last year, I did some thinking about the influences on its writing. And I realized that there is a fair amount of Louisa May Alcott in the book.

I read Alcott as a youngster and I can see echoes of ‘Little Men’ and ‘Eight Cousins’ in my own story. Runaway boys, interactions of close-knit groups of children and young adults, lessons of loyalty, etc.—it’s all there, isn’t it? I suppose that even her moral tone left its touch.

We’re all influenced by what made an impression on us when young, no matter how much we ‘grow up.’ I can’t say that it was a bad thing in this instance.

* * *

I’ve noticed that folks on YouTube are tagging their banjo videos with ‘Mean Mary’ these days. I guess Mary has really arrived when people use her name to improve their search engine presence. I’ll admit that, in part, I mention her occasionally in my blog for just that reason.

Like just now! :)

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