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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paper or Plastic

Yesterday, on a cold and rainy afternoon, the electric went off and stayed off for three hours. That was about as much as I could have managed, what with needing to keep Mom warm and fed—for me, personally, not such a big deal.

If it had stayed off, I suppose I would have run out to buy something hot for supper. The lack of heat would have been manageable; if the temps were closer to freezing, maybe not! I have plenty of blankets, anyway, and candles for light.

But, horrors, no internet! Nor even computer for writing (or whatever). Maybe I need to ask for a laptop in my letter to Santa, though I really do prefer to work on a desktop. More power at less cost, big screen, large keyboard—all good for someone who writes and works with graphics. If I do manage to travel again, someday, I reckon a laptop would make sense.

I’m certainly not going to go online with my little cheap cellphone. I use it as little as possible and really own one only for emergencies. I kind of hate cells (though my bedroom resembles a monk’s cell, ha ha). And usually forget to take it with me if I go out for shopping or whatever.

It’s a good thing I did finally buy an e-reader earlier this year and was able to amuse myself for a while. I do still prefer paper to plastic, whether it be books, garbage bags, or money, but it is nice to have the alternative. Usually, I have (at least) three books-to-read in progress at any time, one on the e-reader, one on the computer, and one on paper.

On a completely different note (A flat, I think), it does not look like I will have a new title ready for publication from the Arachis Press before the ever-closer end of the year. Once the photography is all in place (I’m waiting to get the last pictures back from the developer), I should be able to assemble and release ‘The Art of K. Page Brooke’ fairly quickly. Beyond that...well, we’ll see.

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