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Thursday, January 17, 2013

All Good Things....

...must come to an end. Winter weather is finally moving in. It couldn’t be expected that the warmth of the last few days would last but here we are in mid-January so Spring is on the horizon. I should be out transplanting trees a month from now and will have my nursery orders in.

I’ll have to put setting up the studio on hold for a week or two. I did get a lot done in there while I could. I’m moving a good bit of my library into the music room — books are great for sound absorption and blocking though I will, of course, have some actual panels and bass traps and such as well. It is far too echoey in there without any treatment.

There’s a lot of work to do there eventually. However, for the immediate future — the recording of this new album, that is — I’ll most likely depend on the books and moving blankets to do the job.

An aside, sort of related: here’s what I was recording on fifteen years back or so, until I finally made the switch to all-digital. A Vestax 6-track cassette recorder. The recordings from then, although a bit noisy, hold up pretty well.

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