Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brooke Book Progress

So, I've finished laying out and editing (I hope) 'The Art of K. Page Brooke.' Big book, in a digital sense---almost 200 MB of PDF to upload to the printer. Not such a big book, printed out. It will be 24 saddle-stitched pages at 8.5 x 11 in, of course, full high resolution color. That's why file is large-ish.

I'll be uploading it soon (FTP, I reckon) and then finish off the covers and send them too. There's no reason I shouldn't have it available in print in the next ten days. But, I will want to look at a proof copy first!

I'm uncertain about letting out a dedicated PDF version. With the covers added in, it will be an even larger file, assuming I keep everything high rez. Which I would prefer. I certainly won't be emailing copies to anyone nor, probably, hosting a download on my own site.

Of course, I am not pricing this book to make any profit---it will be pretty much at cost (and the PDF might well be free). I just wanted to do this project, both for my mom and for the family (who would probably be the only ones interested in it).

And for myself. It was worth slogging through for the learning experience of laying out such a book, if nothing else. It will look good in the Arachis Press catalog, too!

Incidentally, I created it entirely in Corel Draw. Worked great but I wouldn't want to do a much larger project in it.

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