Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I have only one resolution for the year 2013 and that is to read (or reread) more of the classics of literature—delve into those books that show up on the ‘best hundred novels’ lists. To some degree, I started in the year just past. This is easier than it once was, thanks to digital versions of so many older works now being available free. Though one must still take the time to sit down and read them!

In particular, I wish to read more work that did not come from British or American authors. The recent interest in Les Miserables, thanks to the new movie, suggests that there is a good deal of material originally in French, German, etc. that I have missed. I did plow through Les Miserables forty-some years ago and recall that Hugo seemed like a more pretentious version of Dickens. Maybe I should see if that impression remains.

So I’ll be visiting Project Gutenberg on a regular basis, picking out titles. I fear that the allure of some I might come across will lead me away from the ‘classics’ but that’s a risk worth taking!

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