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Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Questions and a Notice

1) Why do I have full-blown allergy symptoms in the middle of winter? Is the warm weather (we had five days at close to 80 degree highs) making something bloom out there? I wouldn't be surprised if the red buds were tricked into coming out a month early.

Or is it just all the dust I'm raising getting the studio (music/recording, that is) cleaned and set up? It's been warm enough to work comfortably in there with it shut off from the rest of the place.

2) Why am I suddenly getting huge numbers of visitors to this blog? Record numbers, mostly, if seems, from China. Is something going on of which I am not aware? Are they robots or real folks? I guess as long as no one is causing damage, there is no reason to worry my pretty head about it.

* * *

I might as well mention that the K. Page Brooke art book is now out and available but I will be wanting to see a finalized printed copy before I do any promotion. Not that many --- if any --- of you reading this will be wanting it. Incidentally, a (free) PDF version is in my Dropbox account but I won't give the link here. If anyone cares, I can email the details to them.

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