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Friday, February 22, 2013

Doing Things

It has been, as they say, nice weather for ducks. Which means it’s also nice weather to be planting and transplanting — I’ve been out putting in trees and bushes the past week and some. Also starting flats of veggies to set out next month.

I actually got around to sowing greens, mustard and turnip, through this winter so I pick enough for dinner about once a week. Just for me, as it would be difficult to get Mom to eat them, I reckon. She’s been mostly getting salad items that she can pick up with her fingers, rather than trying to use a fork. This has worked well enough for the past few months.

Unfortunately, she is losing that ability, too, and more and more I have to feed her myself. That will mean a change in the sort of food I serve, I suppose — more ‘sloppy’ stuff that I can spoon in rather than french fries and such that she has been willing to pick up herself. So it goes.

Also unfortunately, I kind of blew out my hip/back, probably due to overwork in the garden. It is difficult for me to lift Mom at the moment (though I’m healing somewhat), even at her negligible weight. An extra pair of hands would be nice but I can manage.

All this does mean less time to devote to anything creative. I do what I can, when I can. And someday maybe I can do more.

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