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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Although, as I have stated before, I am not overly fond of Amazon and their business practices, I decided to try out publishing for Kindle. My YA novel, 'The Middle of Nowhere,' seemed the best choice for the experiment. So it, in theory, should show up for sale (and lending?) a couple days from now. If this works out okay, maybe I'll do some more.

The preview looked acceptable. I will, of course, make an official announcement at my publishing blog when it becomes available. At 2.99, by the way.

I must admit that I do, very occasionally, shop at Amazon. Just last week, I finally got around to ordering a copy of Wendy Welch's 'The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap.' Waited till I needed some other stuff so I could get free shipping! I know Wendy from when she briefly ran the Folk program (and the Florida Folk Festival) at Stephen Foster Park. She wisely fled from that thankless post to open a used bookstore in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

Watch for my review in a while, at least at Good Reads and maybe here too.

Incidentally, Wendy was the one who allowed my friend Karen's pug dog into an event there at the park as a 'member of the act.'

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