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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Music and Merchandise

I was rather pleased to note that a fairly major US opera company ordered some of my silly Classical Music merchandise from my Cafe Press store. I’m always pleased to sell stuff, of course, but this could give me a bit of extra publicity.

Speaking of my designs, here’s a possible cover-in-progress for the album of children’s music on which I have been (occasionally) working:

It was fun to try out a few ideas for the recording while making up my ‘Mouse’ video, including exploring the capabilities of my Kel Song Sparrow, a well made and inexpensive microphone somewhat in the AKG mold. It has a nice clear sound but it is, obviously, not the best choice for my voice — I was continually flirting with sibilance despite being well back and below it. I could live with its sound though, if need be.

With my overbite and slight lisp, I do have to watch out for sibilance anyway. Fortunately, being such a mush-mouth, I never have that other common singing problem, popping Pees.

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