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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Side Trip

I have been working on my long-delayed album of songs with a Florida theme but it’s been delayed again. I have, however, laid down loop-based basic arrangements for most of the eighteen possible songs (I’ll probably end up with fewer than that on the final product). These arrangements are intended as guides — most of the loops will be replaced with ‘real’ playing when I get back into the studio.

But on the subject of Florida songs, I once again failed to make an impression at the ‘Best New Florida Song’ contest held in conjunction with the Will McLean Festival (March 8, 9, 10). I did tell my niece, the one and only Mean Mary, about the contest and, of course, she placed a song in the top ten. Naturally it wasn’t as good as mine but that’s life, eh?

Mary will be at the WillFest to perform sometime that weekend. I’ll miss out on getting down there once again.

Okay, about the delay: I have become sidetracked into recording some children’s songs. It started with me working up a video of my song/illustrated book ‘A Mouse Is In The House.’ To be put up on YouTube eventually, if I figure all that video stuff out. As long as I was recording the song, I decided to go ahead and do a bunch of them and put out an EP (maybe download only?) as sort of a warm up for the Florida album. I have four of my own songs and might add a couple public domain tunes.

So, I’m working those up. I probably won’t even have to get into my studio to finish them. I do find that I need a little bit of a rewrite on one song (it’s just too short as is!) but otherwise things are looking good. When I get back to the Florida album (‘Sunshine Land’) I may want to find someone other than myself to play on it. Not that I can’t do a more-or-less adequate job, if need be.

Incidentally, I may create some children’s books to accompany the songs. We’ll see if I have time for that.

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