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Friday, June 21, 2013

He Scores!

That is, he scores music. I've been playing around with learning to use my neglected scoring programs and getting some of my work formatted. I've had a copy of Finale Print Music on my old PC for some time but I don't feel like working with what is, essentially, a crippled form of Finale.

Not when there are open source alternatives out there. They may not be as full-featured as the top versions of Sibelius or Finale but they are quite adequate. The main two choices are Denemo and MuseScore. I am using the latter for now.

Denemo is almost certainly 'better' in terms of what it can do to create a good-looking piece of sheet music. It's not very user-friendly, however, being essentially a graphic front end for the musical type-setting program, LilyPond. LP will do great work on its own, if one is willing to learn its HTML-like language. Maybe I will have the time to fuss with Denemo later on.

In the mean time, I've figured out most of what I need to make MuseScore work for me. I've put up a PDF at my site of an old piano piece, if anyone cares. That's at: I'll do more eventually. Maybe.

Well, speaking of neglected work and websites, I really need to update mine. Another thing to get into, especially the writing/publishing oriented part.

And speaking of that, I'll mention here that I have semi-abandoned GoodReads since its take-over by Amazon. Oh, I'm maintaining my author page and may occasionally review new work (I may also set up a separate review site/blog), but I'm not going to participate much otherwise. I've an account now at LibraryThing, which remains somewhat independent. Yes, Bowker has a hand in it but that doesn't bother me. How much I take part there, I don't know yet, but I will at least get my books up on my own author page.

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