Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dem Bones

In keeping with my vegetarian ‘lifestyle’ I’ve tried to also avoid using anything made from dead animals. Obviously, things like leather — this includes the less obvious items like guitar straps, baskets, etc. that might incorporate small bits. Rather than disrespect those animals that have already given their lives, any objects I have with leather I will continue to use until they wear out.

Incidentally, in going vegetarian one must also look out for stealth animal food products such as gelatin, which may show up in various processed foods. Gelatin, of course, being made of bones and bits from animal carcasses.

Speaking of bones, I realized that some of my paints contain them. These are mostly black colors. Bone black, carbon black, ivory black are all much the same thing: burnt bones. I prefer mars black, made from iron, anyway.

And then there are brushes. I’ve long preferred stiff bristle brushes for my style of painting. When I use up the ones I have on hand, they will be replaced with synthetics. Even if I’ve yet to find a synthetic brush that’s quite as good as natural bristle.

* * *

I laid down my basic instrumental tracks for my album of children’s songs a while back and do intend to add vocals and (probably) other instruments eventually. Now I find myself rethinking them. I chose to go with a folk/old time/bluegrass sort of sound on these songs but think I might actually prefer an ‘island’ vibe on them — calypso/ska/reggae-ish.

I’ll admit to a fondness for that style of music and do play it about as much as any other. Especially calypso, which had its peak popularity in my formative years. Would it be a better choice for the kiddies? I must think upon it...

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