Monday, July 22, 2013

New Music

A brief mention that I put up a couple new pieces of music on my SoundClick page ( I'm using that site, for the time being, for demos and archiving and such. Anything more-or-less commercial will show up elsewhere.

First, one of my sort of Classical compositions, 'Three Shards,' which I wrote back in the mid-90s. This is a new rendering of the piece from midi, with fairly decent piano samples. But still, being put together by a guy who doesn't really play piano, there isn't much expression to it. That's at:

Incidentally, being a non-player, I wrote this out on paper (with occasional reference to a keyboard) when I composed it. It's just a little exercise on some pentatonic themes.

The other music is a simple demo of the song 'Ancestors,' to be found and listened to at: By the time I finished up, I realized this bit of music hall pastiche was a little too quickly tempoed. I had trouble keeping up on the vocal (being once again short-breathed from allergies didn't help) but part of the point of creating demo versions is to work out things such as that. Even at this speed it runs over four minutes -- I normally dislike long songs but what can one do? :)

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