Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A couple pix of cannas in my unkempt and overgrown garden/yard. Ash tree behind them, nandinas further back, some Madagascar periwinkles blooming off to the side (they come up volunteer everywhere). I was testing my new camera here --- yes, I decided to get a semi-decent digital camera, though I will still use my 35mm on occasion.

It's nothing special, basically a point-and-shoot, but I got a waterproof model, a Fuji XP60, so I could use it in the water to snap surf pictures. Or fish, if I wished! Seems to do an OK job --- much better than a phone, anyway.

* * *

In some slightly different news, my children's picture book, A MOUSE IS IN THE HOUSE, is going to be out of print for a short while, as my printer doesn't want to work with the 8.5 by 8.5 format anymore. So I'll have to shrink it to 7.5, which should make it less expensive and may look better, too. As soon as I put it out, I realized a smaller size would have been preferable and now I've been forced to actually use it!

Incidentally, I have a dozen or so copies on hand if anyone just HAS to have one in the meantime.

Addendum, a tad later: There was some miscommunication involved here. Going to 7.5 is altogether out and so is switching to a perfect-bound format --- not enough pages in MOUSE to make it work. Our only option is to go to color for the book. Is it worth it to colorize all those pen and ink drawings? We'll see.

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