Friday, August 02, 2013

Some More Music Stuff

I haven't actually anything much to say for myself today, but that's never stopped me before...I gave some thought to the children's album I'm supposed to be recording and decided that there are too many kiddie songs in a bouncy, island-pop style out there already. So, I'm sticking with the folkish sound I originally laid down. Fussing with finalizing backing tracks right now, should start laying down vocals soon. Depending on how well I'm breathing --- I'm inclined to blame my current respiratory condition on mold spores, with all the damp weather we've been having.

And I must give thought, as well, to the short solos. I have NOT practiced playing guitar solos in a very long time and when I did, well, they were more BB King inspired than what should probably go on this sort of recording. Maybe I should just whistle. I do that pretty well, actually, and if Bing Crosby could get away with it, why not me?

In related news (well, it's about music, anyway), I decided to go back and try out MySpace  to see if it was worth fooling with these days. I have a page there now that I intend to use for the 'composer' side of my music, instrumentals, formal classical-like stuff and so on. That's at: I can't say I'm very impressed by the user interface there --- it seems streamlined to the point of uselessness. But, hey, probably no one is using it anyway.

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