Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I messed around a little today with colorizing another illustration for the revised version of A MOUSE IS IN THE HOUSE. I’m reasonably pleased with the results and will get onto the rest of the pictures, as time permits.

I also realized that the next picture book I had laid out — but hadn’t found time to get back to since pretty much last year — will have to be adjusted as well. In that the 7.5 by 7.5 size is not longer viable, I think I will blow it up to 8.5, the same as MOUSE. That should work okay, but make it more expensive.

So why haven’t I found time? Nothing important — just a lot of little projects, things to tie up from my mother’s estate, yard work, etc. I’ve been moving things about (furniture, books) the last few days and have pretty much finalized the way I want things in this house (I’m still missing a couple bookcases that have been on order for ten or twelve weeks now). Sorted out my bedding, and moved the king-sized unit I’d stored in the carport into the master bedroom (which had been Mom’s room) and am now ensconced there. I like it.

I had moved all my own bedroom furniture into there a while back and used it all summer, but it’s back in the other bedroom now, my old room. Where I may stay in winter as it is cozier and easier to heat. I’ll see how I feel about it later. Extra single bed (which was where my mother slept the past few years) is in the carport now, but easy enough to get out — I reckon I could put up guests now, if need be.

And now I’m getting the books sorted out, except for the novels which should go on the aforementioned shelves I ordered. Just finished shelving the poetry. I think I need more poetry. Actually, the library here is heavy on travel and history. And, of course, art. Lots of art books.

Oh, I just thought I’d mention that I have a Tumbler blog. My second one, actually — the first one, last year, didn’t stick. This one did, though I haven’t used it much since I started a couple or three months ago. The intention, mostly, is to blog the goings-on in my art studio, but there’s not much of that, at least so far! That’s 

Well, more trivel later (that’s a mix of trivia and drivel).

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