Monday, August 12, 2013

When I Was Young... Eric Burdon sang. Not that most of you kids would know that song, but it made an impression on me at the time.

And that time was in my teens. In that I last posted something my father wrote in his high school years, I thought I would do the same for myself:


Are we meant to know happiness,
To live and laugh beneath blue skies,
Or does day but hold back the dark
That turns all of our hopes to lies?

Each new-found joy, each pleasure seems
To give way, in its turn, to pain;
As every man a shadow casts,
So loss will surely follow gain.

Stephen Brooke ©1967 

Yes, I was a pretty gloomy (shall we say depressed?) 17 year old. I'll admit this was tightened up a bit later on and I did slip it into my most recent chapbook of poetry, 'Dreamwinds' (available, of course, from the Arachis Press). I only hinted in the notes that some of the work in that particular book of verse was rather old---I didn't say which ones!

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