Sunday, September 01, 2013


A favorite question of skeptics is if God is all-powerful, then why does he allow evil to exist? My answer? Because evil is also all-powerful.

I see good and evil as the binary code of the universe — the one and zero, the on and off. Not opposites, but being and non-being. God/good is infinite existence filling an infinite void of non-being/evil.

This is not Dualism in a Manichean or Zoroastrian sense. In a truly dualistic system, evil is a thing or person coequal with God. But evil (if I may continue to use so inadequate a word) is not a thing; it is the absence of existence, complete emptiness.

Can Being exist without emptiness? What would it fill? Or, for that matter, would Emptiness ‘exist’ without Being to define it?

Far be it from me to attempt to answer those questions! Even the little I have said here is a thoroughly inadequate attempt to make sense of things. That, however, will not keep me — and the rest of mankind — from trying again.


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