Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've spent each of the five past days churning out four to five thousand words on the novel. Now, I can report it done. First draft, that is, rewrite coming up in a while --- I need a few days relaxation first!

This second part came out almost exactly the same length as the first  one, maybe five hundred words longer. It doesn't really stand as well on its own, though I suppose one could still call it a novella. It IS a self-contained story like part one. The length will probably grow a bit in the rewrite. Some writers throw a lot into their first draft and have to trim it later. I tend to be too bare-bones and need to add a bit of imagery to pad it.

So, we can expect THE SONG OF THE SWORD to be a published book by the end of the year. Maybe in time for Christmas shopping --- surely you know someone who would like a good fantasy adventure, full of magic and mayhem!

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