Friday, September 20, 2013

Making Time

I’ve been working on the rewrite of THE SONG OF THE SWORD (as well as fooling about with some of the peripherals such as book design and the maps), mostly just reading through and fixing small things, rewording here and there where things might not sound quite right or clear enough or I’ve used the same expression too many times!

I’m also making sure of the timing. There is moderately complex interplay of subplots and I want to be absolutely certain everyone can actually be where they are supposed to be WHEN they are supposed to be. I was perhaps underestimating some of the distances when I started writing — in particular, the six-hundred miles that must be crossed on horseback by various characters. With the use of relays of fresh mounts, I think the messengers and assassins passing back and forth can manage it in my time frames.

Mostly, anyway. I think I may be asking too much of one individual in terms of multiple round trips so he may be replaced by a courier on one occasion. Otherwise, things seem to fit, including the phases of the moon — had to careful to get those right!

One might think the general subject matter and, unfortunately, the title of this book would indicate that I cribbed from George R. R. Martin. However, I came up with the name and wrote the first half of the novel well before I ever heard of him and his work.

I will say that my characters are a far nicer bunch of noblemen than his, even if a few would smilingly slip a knife between your ribs. To be honest, I think mine are more real to life — not everyone to ascend a throne is a psychopath. They are also certainly more fun.

And it was fun writing about them. Hard work too. With a little more work, I’ll be able to introduce them to the world soon.

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