Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mapping the Way

This is a draft of the main map for my fantasy novel-in-progress, THE SONG OF THE SWORD. I'll need to indicate the mountain --- perhaps with a gray wash rather than trying to draw them in (which obscures things and makes it look busy, not to mention the fact that they might not look very good!).

I continue to plug away. At this point, part 2 stands at 15,000 words, bringing the total for the novel to 37,000. If I can end up with grand total up to somewhere in the mid 40s, I'll say that's long enough for this book and save the rest for the sequel. Or sequels.

I do know that during rewrite it will grow. It always does --- not the substance or the plots, which are set by then (though I've discovered sub-plots as I go) but I find places that need more imagery, more description. I flesh it out a little --- but just a little, as I dislike wordiness.

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