Saturday, September 07, 2013


I try to do too many things at once and end up accomplishing none of them. My recent work on colorizing A MOUSE IS IN THE HOUSE demonstrated to me that I’m best concentrating on one project at a time. Or maybe two or three is okay, but not a half-dozen or more!

So I have put a few things aside for the moment, to focus on three goals. The first of these is a new anthology of poetry and vignettes to be titled RETELLINGS. Most of the artwork is already finished and I have been busying myself with finalizing the text — adding and subtracting a few pieces. This might be the next offering from Arachis Press.

Or it might be my second writing project, the picture book AWFUL ALVIN. I am working on the drawings for this; the text was, of course, finished ages ago. All other art-heavy books are on hold. I can not concentrate on the necessary illustrations for those right now but will return to them.

My third endeavor is the recording of IN MY GARDEN, the EP of children’s songs. This has been on hold more for physical reasons – mine and the studio’s – than anything else. I think perhaps I should approach each song as a separate project and concentrate on finishing one at a time.

There is, of course, always lots else to do around here. Upkeep on this property takes some time (and, alas, money). I have yet to finish getting everything set up properly here in the house too.

I’m still waiting for my new bookcases to arrive; it’s been over three months now. The previous order took about ten weeks but I guess they have a bigger backlog of orders now! These are solid pine units that should last pretty much forever, unlike the cheap particle board stuff out there. In theory, I shouldn’t need any more shelving though I might upgrade someday if I have the funds.

Once they arrive and I can get the books off the floor, everything else should find its proper place. Maybe I will too.

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