Monday, September 16, 2013

My Books -- the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Font

I just received my proof copy of RETELLINGS and it seems the font I employed 'broke' in a few places. Why, I do  not know and the PDF looked fine, but so it goes.

So I uploaded a revised version and it is back online and for sale. I really should order another proof to make sure this one looks right! (But I suspect it's safe. Shoot, the earlier version actually looks okay...mostly!) I'll have to remember not to use Libre Baskerville again; I switched to Baskerville 1757 for a fairly similar size and appearance and only had to adjust for length in a few spots.

I have been continuing to write on the novel, though not quite at the speed I did yesterday. I'm up to 9000 words on the second section (which puts me at 31,000 total) and should be able to keep at it. I'm just at the first big climax scene in this part, involving Halloween masks (okay, not actually Halloween but the 'Harvest Feast') and assassination attempts. Depending on how long this section works out to be, I may or may not need to include a third part in this novel.

Incidentally, I also ordered a proof of the new color version of A MOUSE IS IN THE HOUSE and it looks fine.

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