Friday, September 13, 2013

Old Watercolors

Among the family memorabilia I have here are two old watercolors, probably from somewhere around a century ago. Both are almost certainly by the same hand, although neither has a signature nor annotation as to the artist. One, however, is initialed 'MC.'

Who MC might be, I was uncertain. There were Margarets and Marys in the family tree but the 'C' baffled me. On going through the old photos, the only MC I could find was a Mildred Cogley, who was apparently first cousin to my maternal grandmother and of a similar age---about the right age to have painted these. So perhaps she was the artist.

In that she and my grandmother, Mary Koos (Page), seem to have been somewhat close, I could see Mildred giving them to her. Or maybe they are by someone else entirely! They are certainly nothing special from an artistic standpoint, though reasonably competent.

These two pictures have been framed and under glass for most of the past century but I have removed them from their old frames and will, at least for a while, store them somewhere dark for better preservation. Perhaps I'll be able to learn more about them or their painter. That is not really important, however.

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