Thursday, September 26, 2013


This in not the 'official' launch of THE SONG OF THE SWORD -- that must wait until I get a proof copy of the printed version in my hands -- but the book is available at the Arachis Press store now in print, EPUB and PDF version. The EPUB should show up Apple and Barnes&Noble shortly.

I'm pleased with the results, both in terms of what I wrote (though I'd pick at it forever, given the opportunity) and the book design. I really wanted to use drop caps in this one but with so many chapters starting with dialog and/or one-line paragraphs, they just wouldn't work! I went with a Bembo-like typeface, Bit Stream's Aldine, as it seemed period-appropriate, the book being set in a world much like that of Europe c.1500. Except with magic and trolls and other neat stuff!

Here's a bit of a blurb (and the text that will appear in the video trailer, if I get it done):

In Lama, times are changing. The younger son of Count Borrago, a scholar and a tinkerer, thinks he knows where he fits into this new world. 

Destiny has another role for Donzalo. The king’s sorcerer is trying to kill him. A mysterious minstrel has made himself his protector. And Donzalo himself is turning into a man of action, a man of Destiny who marches to the Song of the Sword. 

Magic, music, and mayhem mingle in Book One of Donzalo’s Destiny by Stephen Brooke, The Song of the Sword.

available from Arachis Press

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