Sunday, September 15, 2013


I’ve been getting a fair amount of work done on the novel. Naturally, everything else I might work on is being ignored! I’m about 3000 words into the second part/novella.

But a lot of the work has been more on what I like to call the ‘argument’ – sort of a combination synopsis/outline – rather than the text. I switched out my monitor for a wide-screen TV so I could have two word processing pages open side by side, one with my notes and one with the actual novel draft. It’s not as clear a display if I want to work on graphics but it’s certainly convenient.

Someday, maybe a really wide high-def monitor (they’re surprisingly affordable) but I can’t justify that right now, with all the working displays I have on hand.

Anyway, it’s coming together, scene by scene. I very much write scenes — anyone who has read THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE would recognize that it resembles a play as much as a novel. I think I picked up that approach from all those Edgar Rice Burroughs novels I read as a youngster. He loved to cut back and forth, presenting his varied subplots.

Depending on whether I can end this part with a satisfying conclusion (as I did the first novella) and on its length, I might or might not want to add more sections to THE SONG OF THE SWORD. Yes, I want my readers to follow the arc of the story through more novels but I also want them to be reasonably contented with the ending to this one!

So, if I can keep up this progress, I may well have a finished draft before the end of the year. I will have to polish and rewrite a while — but not all that much, as I don’t really write ‘rough’ drafts. That’s all worked out in the argument. Then, on to the next novel.

Which might be a sequel to THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE or to this book or something completely different.

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