Sunday, September 29, 2013

Terra Incognita, a lyric

Terra Incognita

Voyage ended, I study maps
and ponder unknown lands.
They call to me, my restless heart
remembers trackless sands.
Across the leagues, a whispered song
trembles on the air;
it holds the voice of the lonely gull,
o’er seas where no men fare.

In search of Terra Incognita,
I will sail afar
to lands beyond the lands I know,
beneath an unnamed star.
There is a life yet undiscovered,
a world to explore —
I search for Terra Incognita,
I search for my lost shore.

I’ve known the sun of tropic morns,
that rips the horizon asunder,
and lightning fierce as tigers’ claws,
the roaring of its thunder.
Dropped anchor in the sapphire depths,
off teeming sun-gold ports,
or jungled shores where gem-clad kings
hold sway in savage courts.

In search of Terra...

The wooden ribs of this cold room
are now my ship, it seems,
and in place of snowy sails,
I have but my dreams.
Chair and chart, I long to plot
an ending to my tale;
There comes the day I take the helm
and into dawn I sail.

In search of Terra...

Stephen Brooke ©2013

I seem to suddenly be in poetry mode. I guess polishing off everything involved with the novel let my mind move on to other things. This is a song lyric...I think...that has been sitting half-finished for quite some time. It just came together for me, easy as can be after months of struggling with it. It's in ballad form, more or less.

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