Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Really Deep Hole, a poem

The Really Deep Hole

Out by the fence, in their back yard,
Young Lynn and Pete were trying hard
To peek inside a hole they'd found,
A little hole dug in the ground.

Lynn said, “I wonder what lives here
And if it could be somewhere near.”
“Perhaps,” Pete answered, “there might be
Some mice, but it's too dark to see.”

Then asked her, as he took a peep,
“Do you think it is really deep?”
Lynn told him, “No, I don't think so
But then with holes, you never know.

“I guess it's goo big for a mole,
So maybe it's the kind of hole
Where rabbits or a tortoise stay
And only goes a little way.”

“Don't be so certain that it's nice,
I bet there's more down there than mice;
Things that would give you the shakes,”
Warned Petey, “even worse than snakes.

“There could be rivers underground
Where alligators float around,
Just waiting for us to fall in!”
“I don't like that at all,” said Lynn,

“But I think elves might have a mine
That's deep down where the sun can't shine,
With diamonds there so big and bright
They don't need any other light.”

“Okay,” said Pete, “then further down,
Dinosaurs can still be found.”
“Well, at least their bones are there,”
Lynn answered, trying to be fair.

“And far below,” continued Pete,
“We would go on until we meet
A dragon with a pile of gold,
In a cave that's dark and cold.

“If we were quiet, we could creep
By that old dragon in his sleep.”
“What if he wakes up?'”asked Lynn.
“We're breakfast,” said Pete, with a grin.

“A really deep hole will run right
On through earth to the other side,
But that's too far to go today,”
Said Lynn, “and still have time to play.”

“Let's come back when it's not so late,”
Suggested Pete, and Lynn said, “Great,
It should be here; I think that such
A really deep hole won't move much.”

They know it's fun when we pretend
That really deep holes never end
And guess about what lives way down
Miles and miles beneath the ground.

If we imagine things that might
Be hidden somewhere, out of sight,
Like Lynn and Pete and look ourselves,
We may find rabbits or find elves!

Stephen Brooke ©1998

This is an older piece intended for children --- I see that I've never posted it here before so I will now. Thinking of making it one of my book projects, fully illustrated, or maybe part of a book of children's poems. A project for somewhere down the line!

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