Saturday, September 21, 2013

Where There's a Will

I was watching a presentation of ‘Richard II’ on PBS last night – part of it, as it went past my bed time – and realized just how much my fiction and, particularly this latest novel, borrows from Shakespeare. Perhaps my poetry too, when I think of it.

Now I tend to see that as, all in all, a good thing. I love the plays, I love the sonnets. But perhaps I tend to rely over much on dialog carrying the story forward.

Not speeches and monologues, of course. Or mostly not. But the greater part of the exposition does come from my characters’ mouths. I simply do not like to describe what people are doing or where they are when they can do it themselves.

And, of course, they can reveal themselves, their philosophies, their personalities, best this way. No psychoanalysis from the author! Will Shakespeare’s King Richard, vacillating on the sands between despair and defiance, is, to me, far better than any of the internal explorations of Dostoevsky’s characters.

Well, anyway, the novel (THE SONG OF THE SWORD) has undergone several rewrites/edits now. I just keep going through and finding things to change — little things, for the most part. I will continue with the process for a while before assembling and designing the book for release. And then on to other projects.

What projects? Not the sequel, not immediately, though I have the story loosely plotted already. And the one after it, for that matter. Perhaps I should write a sequel to THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Those kids are certainly going to be doing things.

Or get back to the neglected music, the painting, the beach! It occurred to me that if I concentrated only on writing I could get by with a way smaller place — a couple rooms would suffice. It’s the recording and art that take up a lot of space and, of course, I have that space in this old house. Even if I’m not actually using it that much.

In a couple months, I’ll use it even less as I close off half the rooms in cold weather. I can hunker down with a heater in a small pace and ride out the winter. Hmm, I reckon I’ll be doing a lot more writing then!

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