Monday, October 07, 2013

New Books Ready to Go

The print copies of THE SONG OF THE SWORD and the reformatted RETELLINGS arrived today and both look good and are ready for purchase and shipping. Remember, the Christmas shopping season is drawing ever nearer!

The poetry chapbook, RETELLINGS, has no problems since the change of typeface. Why Libre Baskerville created printing glitches, I do not know, nor even if they would repeat on another printing. Best to be safe, so I switched to Baskerville 1757 and changed a bit of spacing here and there to fit its slightly different size. All looks pretty decent now.

Incidentally, I found that Libre Baskerville did not create em-dashes properly either so, considering how frequently I utilize them, it was a good idea to switch.

THE SONG OF THE SWORD, my fantasy novel, printed out just fine, text-wise. A couple of illustrations, not quite so much. The light gray mountains on my frontispiece map are so pale as to hardly be seen. I could fix that but it’s not very important and not worth hurrying out a new revision. The other problem picture is my own small portrait on the last page, which came out as something of a black blob. Again, not hugely important and when I do revise the book, eventually, I’ll just delete it.

So, today is the ‘official’ release of SONG. Strike up the band (lutes and bagpipes, please) and release the balloons! And stop by my ‘spotlight’ shop for your very own copy.

ADDENDUM: I did go ahead and fix the illustrations and a few small typos/formatting problems I found in my printed copy. The revised version is uploaded and should be ready to go.

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