Saturday, October 19, 2013

Planning Ahead

I have a number of copies of THE SONG OF THE SWORD on hand now (as well as most of my other books) and they look fine, the illustrations are correct now, and I’m always willing to autograph a copy if anyone wants one directly from me. If I got out and about, maybe I’d do more direct sales but, in the mean time, all the Arachis Press titles are available at

As far as the next book goes, I’m not sure what it will be. I’ve been dabbling at different narratives but none has grabbed hold and said ‘write me!’ yet. Maybe the sequel to SONG or maybe a sequel to the young adult offering, THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Most of my actual sketching out of ideas lately has been a completely new possibility for a novel, probably ‘mainstream’ though it might slip into mystery territory, at least some.

The writing of a mainstream novel is not new to me, really. NOWHERE is essentially one, even if aimed at a younger audience. The bulk of my short stories (which is not really very bulky) would be not qualify as ‘genre’ fiction either. So we’ll see. I also need to work on the illustrations for some of my other projects.

Right now, I’m working toward two goals, publishing-wise: getting a magazine going and putting out some work by authors other than myself. These two go somewhat hand-in-hand as a magazine, obviously, would need a number of contributers. I’ll be eventually putting up notices about both of these at the site and various social media spots.

Publishing books by other authors may well start with something from the public domain with new illustrations. Without new pictures, annotations or such, there would be no point in putting out a new edition. We’re not Dover Books here, after all (and I do appreciate the books Dover has helped keep in print — many of which are in my library).

The POD approach continues to be the best way to do all this. Lulu has worked well for the Arachis Press so far and remains reasonably priced. I was looking into the possibility of using MagCloud for a print version of the magazine but as long as I stay with a black and white version, Lulu is cheaper. If I stick to digital only, that’s all moot.

Incidentally, I also have been investigating using Lightning Source as our printer and, were I starting out fresh, I might well have gone that way. But Lulu has its advantages, too, and can serve as a one-stop shop for both print and ebook, so I’ll stick with them. (Their pricing, at first look, seems high compared to LS but Lulu regularly offers discounts that bring more parity.)

On a completely unrelated note, it looks like the first cold weather of the season is rolling in shortly, with temperatures in the low-to-mid forties this coming week. I hope it’s a just a short cold spell and not the start of a long winter!

Incidentally, an application form of the Florida Folk Festival was in my email this morning. They took so long to get their new system working I'd practically forgotten about them. I wonder if I should put together a 'live' recording and apply this year. Or just give up on music altogether.

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