Saturday, November 16, 2013

Building Reality

One often hears some version of the statement that the world is how we perceive it, not how it ‘really’ is. I say the world is how we see it and that IS the way it is. Perception is reality.

Or a part of reality. The blind men groping the elephant are not wrong. They just don’t see the whole truth. We can not see the whole truth, yet we do perceive some aspects of it.

I was agnostic at one time. Then I realized it was just laziness to say we can know nothing. It was too easy to say ‘it is all illusion.’ We must strive to know, even if our knowledge remains infinitesimally small compared to all that is. We must go search out meaning, if life is to have any.

Remember that every ‘truth’ is ultimately metaphor. Every word – indeed, every thought – is a symbol for some aspect of a real thing but it is not the thing itself. They are attempts to grasp some part of its existence. This is how we build our reality.

SB 2013

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