Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two Poems and an Update


The mindless soil knows not
boredom and I may seek
satisfaction in dirt.

Shovel and rake, planting
and weeding and, yes, someday
I too will find its embrace

and rest.

Stephen Brooke ©2013

on lingerie

nothing that gets
between your skin and mine
is sexy

SB 2013

Two quick little throw-away poems from this morning. Back to the novel now, most likely. I'm at 8500 words in this second part, which adds to the 22,000 in the first (as always, a bit too polished already to really call 'first draft'), and should have another thousand or so to finish this section (or 'Tale'), so it's essentially a novelette in length. The next part, which should conclude the book, will probably be longer.

My protagonist is visiting the fairie realm in this Tale, healing after the trauma that closed the last part, and discovering himself and his direction a bit. There are dangers involved, of course, but I hope to have more sword play and excitement after this interlude, and a semi-happy ending before the next round of intrigue, assassination and sorcery in the third book!

addendum, early afternoon: Completed the section, 9,600 word total (which could change a little in rewrites). On to the next!

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