Saturday, December 07, 2013

Blogs and Blogs

Not much going on at the moment. In one of my ‘lulls’ between periods of burying myself in whatever project I am obsessing about at the time. I will get back to the novel. Or something.

I did mention my Tumblr blog a few entries back. I have been auditioning outlets such as it and Twitter and Pinterest to find if they are worthwhile. Twitter...quite useless, I would say. Tumblr does not seem a particularly effective platform, either, and I may ignore it for a while, though I will not delete the account. At least not yet. I am interested in seeing how it might evolve – if at all – under Yahoo’s ownership.

Pinterest, on the other hand, seems pretty good. That surprised me, as it didn’t sound that great as an idea. Copying pictures from each other? It has definitely driven sales to my Cafe Press shop so I will stick around there.

But ‘real’ blogs like this are still my preference. In keeping with that, I will mention that I posted a demo version of an Advent song, ‘Come, Come, Come,’ at my Reverbnation pages. That is at:

It is just a quickie recording — I wanted to get something up while I had a little time and before Christmas made it too late. I realized after I laid down the backing tracks that it should have been pitched something like a full tone higher. I croaked my way through the vocals anyway.

Maybe I’ll do it right next year!

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