Sunday, December 08, 2013

Recent Recording Notes

My recent casual recordings – the video trailer for THE SONG OF THE SWORD (, my reading of PIECES OF THE MOON (, and the Advent song, COME, COME, COME ( – were all recorded with the same microphone, mostly because I had put it up for something else and was too lazy to go get a different mike set up. The rest of my equipment is in semi-storage until Spring; I can dig things out if I’m ambitious but they aren’t ready at hand.

Anyway, the microphone is a Heil PR30, a big dynamic basically intended as a broadcast mike but also popular for use on instruments (think Sennheiser 421 or Electro-Voice RE20 for similar microphones). Which is not to say that it is not a good choice for singing. Indeed, there is a hand-held version, the PR35, that is first choice for live performance by such artists as Joan Baez.

And for me, not a bad choice if I’m well back and singing full-voice. It’s versatile and one couldn’t really go wrong with the Heil most of the time, but I would be more inclined to choose something like a Shure SM7 (the one glaring hole in my mike cabinet is no current SM7!). Or, of course, a good condenser. My Cad e100S is a nicer voice-over microphone if I decide to record some more poetry one of these days.

By the way, in that I mentioned poetry, I would point out that I do have a dedicated page for my poetry – mostly to promote the chapbooks – at FaceBook: Feel free to like it.

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