Sunday, December 01, 2013


I walked in high school. Around and around the campus I would go, before classes in the morning or during lunch break. I was restless and not one to sit and talk or interact much at all.

It’s a wonder I made it through those years at all, considering how little interest I felt and how often I was deeply depressed. Despite a disgustingly high IQ, I muddled through many of my classes, rarely actually hearing what was said in them, but feeling I had to do it or disappoint someone — exactly who, I am not sure now.

Oh, there were a few subjects that caught my interest. English, history, sure, especially when it got to the essay and paper writing. All that advanced algebra and trig and physics, not so much, but I did the work anyway. When it came to math, the only subject I actually liked was geometry. I loved working out theorems, those little puzzles of logic. It didn’t seem like math at all!

Maybe if life were a theorem, I could work it out and understand it, eh? I think maybe I’ve been treating it that way. And, no doubt, will continue; the problem may be the axioms with which I’ve been working! :)

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