Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beware the Ides

All is on track to release my newest novel, THE SHADOW OF ASAK, on the Ides of March. At least, March 15 is the official date, though it might show up on line a tad earlier.

Any serious rewriting is finished. This does not mean I will not make little changes in wording or such up until the last moment. There are always things one notices! But from here on, it is a matter of design and formatting, getting the ISBNs assigned, creating a book trailer to put up at YouTube.

I am into that project already. The music is written, recorded, and ready — not a song this time, but a shorter instrumental. The slide show needs be designed and put together, which is not difficult but somewhat time consuming (and a bit tedious, as is all the work at this point).

At any rate, SHADOW is definitely a finished novel. It came out only about 1200 words longer than THE SONG OF THE SWORD, my first installment of DONZALO’S DESTINY, so it is still a fairly short book. And again, it is really a group of novellas (or two novellas and one novelette this time) telling a continued story.

Or one could consider DONZALO to be one rather long novel — there should be at least two more books to it. Here is the back cover blurb/trailer text:

Young Donazalo has left his home and his familiar life in Lama, fleeing assassins and dark magic.

In the rugged hills of the Cuddon he finds love.

In the hidden land of the Fay he finds new purpose.

And on the road home, new dangers and new allies await him, in the Second Book of Donzalo’s Destiny, The Shadow of Asak.

ADDENDUM: I am moving the official release date up to March 1. There's no point in holding it longer!

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